What is the problem?

High Frequency (HF) tactical radios offer tremendous benefits to warfighters due to their long-range communication capability when aided by favorable ionospheric conditions. However, this benefit is significantly hampered by lack of “dependability”, i.e. whether the link can be established or not, and how long the link will remain alive even if established. Consequently, the instability drastically outweighs the benefits of HF, because there is no assurance that warfighters can establish critical communication on demand, thus limiting the use of HF radios for critical battlefield situations. Another significant challenge for existing HF tactical radios is that they cannot establish a communication link without pre-planned frequency planning, even if they all support multi-band modes.

Our Solution

HAMCOR is an adaptive multi-band HF tactical radio adopting the Software Defined Radio (SDR) paradigm. Scheduled to be available during the 1Q of 2019, HAMCOR will have “dependability”, “sustainability”, and “predictability” required for most pressing missions across the globe with the following features that are not available in the existing HF tactical radio products:

  • Automatically finds the frequency band that is reliable for communication with its counterpart located thousands of kilometers away across the entire 3 – 30 MHz HF frequency range.
  • Automatically switches to the new frequency band without disrupting the ongoing communication product. Again, no existing HF tactical radio provides such capability.
  • Automatically adjusts its communication parameters to sustain the communication while maximizing the link capacity through its cognitive engine under widely varying channel conditions.
  • Automatically tunes its advanced low-profile antenna matching circuit to the selected HF band.
  • Automatically finds the “relay” node(s) if the direct communication becomes not possible due to the challenging ionospheric channel condition.

We envision that our HAMCOR products will revolutionize how the military utilizes HF tactical radios. No existing HF tactical radio is capable of offering dependability (on demand communication without a priori frequency planning), sustainability (via frequency agility and adaptive communication link), and predictability (which HF channel is likely to be available when and where for how long with what channel properties). Consequently, warfighters are no longer at the mercy of the capricious ionospheric channel conditions. Rather than using their radios opportunistically, more and more warfighters will be able to use them when they want it, where they want it, in order to transmit and receive mission-critical information anywhere in the world without relying on expensive relay assets such as satellites or unmanned airborne assets. Our HAMCOR radios will be able to offer a complete tetherless low-data-rate links anywhere in the world thanks to their dependability, sustainability, and predictability.

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