What is the problem?

Legacy SIGINT solutions are often scanning-based and lack the ability to detect low-power, wideband, and extremely short signals such as radar pulses and covert communication. Most are also built on proprietary hardware and software technologies, making it extremely difficult and costly to achieve timely upgrades.

Our Solution

HiReS overcomes these drawbacks by offering a novel capability to detect, isolate, and classify hard-to-find signals over wideband instantaneous bandwidth without a priori knowledge such as center frequency, signal bandwidth, signal duration, and modulation features. HiReS is being developed under the initiative of OpenVPX-based Multi-Function RF systems where electronic attack, communication, and SIGINT functions can be instantiated using the common, interchangeable hardware platforms. HiReS allows warfighters to achieve and maintain a significantly higher level of RF situational awareness thanks to its “constant-stare”, low-power signal and radar detection. HiReS has been verified for its functionality and innovation of the technology.

Warfighter’s Value

HiReS enables warfighters to maintain significantly improved RF situational awareness because it: (i) eliminates “scanning”; (ii) estimates signal types and parameters with much higher accuracy; (iii) detects hard-to-find signals such as radar pulses and weak signals; (iv) visualizes both instantaneous and temporal signal behaviors; (v) significantly reduces costs by utilizing COTS products; and (vi) complies with OpenVPX standard for seamless interoperability with emerging multi- function RF systems.

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