What is the problem?

The term “drone swarm” is increasingly attracting public attention thanks to some eye- popping demonstrations being reported by media outlets such as CBS “60 Minutes”. A typical drone swarm system may consist of as few as two drones to as large as over 100 drones. As the number of drones in a swarm system increases, so does the required level of autonomy to control them without manual human piloting. However, effective and robust management of the autonomous drones themselves may be significantly hindered in Anti-Access (A2), Area- Denied (AD) and bandwidth limited environments (BLEs)

Our Solution

SwarmSense is a group of autonomous drones that collectively solve complex missions without manual piloting, while achieving significantly more efficient and scalable solutions for managing multiple heterogeneous airborne nodes in A2/AD/BLE environment. In particular, SwarmSense achieves “bounded autonomy” such that a SwarmSense operator has precise understanding of how much autonomy is being exerted by individual drones, while providing effective command and control capabilities as needed based on the mission dynamics. For example, our bounded autonomy drastically improves the available bandwidth among UAVs and the C2 center via a novel graph encoding mechanism, and enhances collaborative engagement by swapping out the graph intelligently based on feedback from all assets participating in the mission. Our Tactical AI equips SwarmSense with adaptive decision-making abilities while maintaining continuous communication among UAVs during a mission.

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